Taido 50th Anniversary

January 23, 2015, is the 50th Anniversary of Taido. Half a century has passed since Seiken Shukumine, Saiko Shihan, the first Soke of Taido, presented Taido to the public. Unfortunately he is not able to share this happy moment with us, but I am sure that he would be proud of what Taido has become. At the same time, he would ask us if there weren’t anything we could do a little more and a little better. Let’s make it our mission for the coming half century to make Taido even bigger and better. To all Taidoka over the globe, Happy Birthday.

The major celebration will be held in Ishinomaki in September, 2015. (More information on this event will follow).

Below follows a list of all new Shogo Title & Higher Rank holders who passed their shinsa in 2014.

Han-shi 8 Dan:

KATO Akihiko [7Dan Kyo-shi]

7 Dan:

IZUMI Chikei [6Dan Kyo-shi]

SOGO Tsuyoshi [6Dan Kyo-shi]


NAKANO Tetsuji [6Dan (Ren-shi)]

Kyo-shi 6 Dan:

HORIUCHI Waichiro [5Dan Ren-shi]

Ren-shi 5 Dan:

KONOMA Kazunori [4Dan]

Ren-shi 4 Dan:

OHTA Hiroshi [3Dan]

MATSUO Kazuki [3Dan]

SHIOZAKI Tomohiko [3Dan]

FURUTA Kazuyuki [3Dan]

ICHIJO Kentaro [3Dan]

5 Dan:

HORIGOME Ryota [4Dan Ren-shi]

WAKUI Takashi [4Dan Ren-shi]

I do hereby approve the results of grading occasion, Taido Shinsa, 2014, listed above.


Taido Soke, III