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Finnish Taido Association
Taido Finland is the biggest Taido association in Europe. There are 20 active Taido clubs all over the Finland and over 600 active enthusiasts.

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About Taido in Finland

There are three main activities for Finnish Taido. Junior work is one of the most important and central focus areas. The second priority is to increase the awareness of the art nationally and internationally. The focus of Taido Finland’s work is to support club development.

  • Each year, Taido Finland organizes around 20 educational events, camps and training events for it’s enthusiasts, involving nearly 450 people. On average, 25 people per event.
  • Taido instructors and coaches who are working in clubs on a voluntary basis participate in coach trainings regularly.
  • Annually there are six competitions involving about 70-100 contestants per event. There are plenty of competition categories for all age groups and skill levels.
  • A total of around 120-130 kyu grades and 8-15 dan grades are graded annually.
  • Juniors have their own belt system in which fundamental movement/ sport skills are taken into account.