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Taido 50th Anniversary PDF Print E-mail
Written by WTF   

January 23, 2015, is the 50th Anniversary of Taido. Half a century has passed since Seiken Shukumine, Saiko Shihan, the first Soke of Taido, presented Taido to the public. Unfortunately he is not able to share this happy moment with us, but I am sure that he would be proud of what Taido has become. At the same time, he would ask us if there weren't anything we could do a little more and a little better. Let's make it our mission for the coming half century to make Taido even bigger and better. To all Taidoka over the globe, Happy Birthday.

The major celebration will be held in Ishinomaki in September, 2015. (More information on this event will follow).

Below follows a list of all new Shogo Title & Higher Rank holders who passed their shinsa in 2014.

Han-shi 8 Dan:

KATO Akihiko [7Dan Kyo-shi]

7 Dan:

IZUMI Chikei [6Dan Kyo-shi]

SOGO Tsuyoshi [6Dan Kyo-shi]


NAKANO Tetsuji [6Dan (Ren-shi)]

Kyo-shi 6 Dan:

HORIUCHI Waichiro [5Dan Ren-shi]

Ren-shi 5 Dan:

KONOMA Kazunori [4Dan]

Ren-shi 4 Dan:

OHTA Hiroshi [3Dan]

MATSUO Kazuki [3Dan]

SHIOZAKI Tomohiko [3Dan]

FURUTA Kazuyuki [3Dan]

ICHIJO Kentaro [3Dan]

5 Dan:

HORIGOME Ryota [4Dan Ren-shi]

WAKUI Takashi [4Dan Ren-shi]

I do hereby approve the results of grading occasion, Taido Shinsa, 2014, listed above.


Taido Soke, III

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2013 World Taido Championship PDF Print E-mail
Written by WTF   

The 6th World Taido Championship and the 11th International Taido Friendship Games took place in Helsinki, Finland, August 2 and 3. It was a very well organized event with a high level of performance, both at the Friendship Games and at the WTC.

Results and other information can be found at the official website,

The next International Taido competition will take place in Sweden 2015.

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News from around the globe PDF Print E-mail
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On Sunday, September 16, there was a Budo Gala in Lübeck, Germany, where Taido was presented. Thanks to help from visitors from Sweden, Denmark and Bavaria it was a success. Taido is still fairly unknown in many parts of the world, but thanks to events like this the word is spreading.
Hope this help the club getting new members.
Invitation to FTA's Sumer Camp in Lahti PDF Print E-mail
Written by Finnish Taido Association   

Main instructor: Kitamura sensei 8. dan hanshi + Alvar Hugosson 7.dan kyoshi

Camp starts on Friday 8th June 2012 at 6pm

Camp ends on Sunday 10th June 2012 at 5pm

Subject: Hokei and jissen

Dojo: Suurmäentien Kamppailu-Areena, Suurmäenkatu 4, 15100 Lahti. (The place has changed from Asikkala to Lahti)

Price: 90 euros, includes participation at the seminar and possibility of dojo accommodation.

How to enter?

Email your entry to the Finnish Taido Association ( by the 27th of May. Write your name, age and belt. Also mention if you want to stay at the Dojo / for how many nights.


Bank: Etelä-Päijänteen Osuuspankki, PBox 39, FI-17201 Vääksy

Account number: 501109-28386

IBAN FI66 5011 0920 0083 86, SWIFT OKOYFIHH

Payment is due 27th May. Camp fee will be refunded only for a good reason as illness. In that case one has to send medical certificate.


Age at least 15 years old, belt rank at least 6 kyu.

Additional Information:

Seminar fee does not include meals. Please bring a sleeping bag and a mattress with you if you’ll sleep at the dojo. Do not hesitate to ask more information. FTA Office/ Sera Kaukola will be pleased to help you regarding any matter.


Camp in Germany PDF Print E-mail
Written by WTF   

Welcome to Lübeck to train Taido on May 27th and 28th with our guest trainer:
Ulf Karlsson, 6. dan

The camp will take place at:

Mühlenstraße 74
23566 Lübeck

The time schedule for the camp:

Sunday 27th

9.00 – 12.00 Common training
12.00 – 13.30 Lunch break
13.30 – 15.20 Common training
15.20 – 15.40 Break
15.40 – 17.30 Colored belts

Monday 28th

9.00 – 13.00 Common training
13.00 – 13.30 Carrying tatami

The price list for the camp:

Colored belt (all training times) = 20 €
White belt (common trainings) =15 €

Please register yourself for the camp by 20th of May to:

Tuomas.Luttinen at

For registration we would like to know:
– your name, age, club & belt rank
– contact information (either personal or for a contact person in a club)
– which training times are you attending (if you do not want to train both days)

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